Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Dive into the therapeutic magic of Underwater Treadmill Therapy with Integrative Veterinary Wellness. Transformative mobility, strength, and well-being care for your pet.

Revitalize with Underwater Therapy

At Integrative Veterinary Wellness, we believe in delivering holistic care that goes beyond typical veterinarian practices. Our professional therapists and skilled veterinarians collaborate to create tailored treatment regimens that address your pet’s specific needs.

During an Underwater Treadmill Therapy session, your pet will walk or swim on a customized treadmill submerged in a relaxing warm water tank. The buoyancy of the water decreases the impact on their joints while providing resistance for muscular training. Our therapists continuously monitor and alter the therapy to ensure your pet’s safety and maximum benefit.

Ruger treadmill

The Benefits of Underwater Treadmill Therapy

Low-Impact Exercise: Because water’s buoyancy decreases the impact on your pet’s joints, it’s an excellent therapy for animals suffering from arthritis, orthopedic disorders, or post-surgical rehabilitation. It enables controlled movement and mild exercise without placing their bodies under undue strain.

Enhanced Muscle Strength and Flexibility: Water resistance is used in Underwater Treadmill Therapy to improve muscle strength and flexibility. Water resistance delivers a difficult workout that aids muscle rebuilding, coordination improvement, and range of motion restoration.

Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction: The hydrostatic pressure of water helps reduce swelling and inflammation, offering relief for pets suffering from chronic pain or acute injury. This therapy increases circulation, flushes out toxins, and aids in tissue recovery.

Weight Control and Cardiovascular Health: Underwater Treadmill Therapy is a novel technique to help your pet lose weight and enhance their cardiovascular fitness. The combination of buoyancy and resistance results in a safe and effective cardiovascular workout that aids in burning calories and improving overall fitness.