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Pet Ultrasound Testing at Integrative Veterinary Wellness

Advancements in medical technology for humans have also been found to be beneficial for animals. This is especially true for ultrasound testing. While ultrasound technology is often used to monitor pregnancy, it can also be used to examine your pet's internal health. That's why our team at Integrative Veterinary Wellness provides ultrasound testing for pets in and around the Richardson area. We can effectively diagnose a pet's condition to ensure he or she receives optimal health care with our in-house ultrasound technology.

Pet ultrasound

What Is Pet Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from the inside of a pet's body. Our veterinarians use ultrasound testing for a detailed view of the body's organs that may not be viewable via other methods. We use a hand-held device that is placed on the surface of the pet's body. This testing is noninvasive and will only require shaving a small patch of fur off your animal if necessary. While x-rays also help us take a look inside your pet, ultrasounds allow us to see the full size and shape of internal organs.

What Ultrasounds Can Detect

One of the common uses for ultrasounds is to monitor the birthing process for both humans and animals, ensuring the experience is progressing correctly. If there is a mass located in the pet's body, we can detect it through an ultrasound. We also use ultrasound testing to find obstructions in the gastrointestinal tract from ingested items. In addition, ultrasound exams are beneficial in diagnosing heart disease. During this ultrasound, the thickness and size of the hearts can be properly detected. Motion can also be detected, giving our veterinarian an idea of how well the pet's heart functions.  This testing can also show abnormalities in joints.

Is Anesthesia Required?

If your pet is cooperative and calm during the procedure, then no sedation or anesthesia will be needed for the ultrasound testing. However, if any biopsies are taken, a short-acting anesthetic will be required to help prevent complications during the process. Pets can have food or water before the ultrasound test unless we prescribe anesthesia or are examining their kidneys or bladders. We can ensure you are given instructions to prepare your pet for its ultrasound test.  

Contact Us for Pet Ultrasound Testing in Richardson

Results are known right away since ultrasounds create digital images in real-time. This allows our veterinarians to understand the extent of your pet's condition to provide the appropriate treatment they need. If you are searching for an animal hospital in Richardson that offers state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, contact us to schedule an appointment at Integrative Veterinary Wellness. Our team is committed to helping your pet maintain its health and wellness at any stage of life. If you are looking for a 'veterinarian near me,' our team is here to help. 

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