Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy at Integrative Veterinary Wellness

Have your cats or dogs seemed distracted or uncomfortable lately? Are they getting older, slowing down, or recovering from recent surgery? Pets are often wonderful at communicating affection, but less adept at telling us what hurts. Fortunately, Dr. Smallwood and her team at Integrative Veterinary Wellness in DFW are experts at working with families just like yours to accurately diagnose anything hindering your pets' enjoyment of life.

There are no one-size-fits-all treatments when it comes to effective pet care. The right veterinarian will look for the least invasive and most effective options, then discuss each with the family before proceeding. One solution often considered for pain or discomfort is Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy.

What Is Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy?

When you see lasers used to burn or slice, those are “hot lasers.” Some hot lasers are even used surgically, to cauterize wounds or vaporize tumors. “Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy” are far less intense. They use carefully controlled light to stimulate tissue repair and tissue regeneration. There’s no burning or cutting, just natural healing, invigorated by medical laser technology.  

It wasn’t that long ago that Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy was dismissed by some as a “fringe” science. The idea that lasers could effectively treat arthritis, reduce swelling, help sprains and strains, or eliminate musculoskeletal pain seemed too good to be true. And promoting actual nerve tissue healing after surgery? Surely not.

In study after study, however, it kept working. Go figure.

Tested on Humans

New treatments are traditionally tested on animals before being approved for use with people. With Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy, it was the reverse. Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy has proven its effectiveness with two-legged patients for nearly forty years. Now it’s become increasingly popular as a high-impact, low-stress option for four-legged family members as well.   

Let’s Talk Pet Care and What Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy Can Do to Help Your Pet

If you’d like to learn more about Class IV Therapeutic Laser Therapy or any of the other whole health solutions we offer, contact Integrative Veterinary Wellness in DFW today. Your pet isn't just another animal, and we're not your typical veterinarian.

We can’t wait to meet your family and begin partnering with you in the health and comfort of your cat or dog.

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