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Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations

Vaccines protect pets from developing illnesses and prolong their lives. Vaccinations prepare the immune system to fight against infections caused by various diseases. Widespread use of vaccines has proven to prevent serious health issues and even death in countless animals throughout the US. So, whether you just adopted a new kitten or puppy, it’s essential to ensure he or she receives their core vaccinations at the right time. That’s why our team at Integrative Veterinary Wellness is here to help you and your pet stay up-to-date on his or her vaccination schedule.

What Are Core Canine and Feline Vaccinations?

Core vaccines are administered to cats and dogs to protect them from diseases that have significant mortality rates. Core vaccinations are essential for all pets based on the risk of transmission to humans, exposure, and disease severity.

Core Vaccinations for Dogs

Core vaccines for dogs and puppies include canine parvovirus (CPV), rabies, and canine adenovirus (CAV). The first core vaccine is administered when a puppy is six weeks old, and three doses are given between 6-16 weeks of age. After that, they receive two shots, 3-4 weeks apart, and at one year, the puppy gets a booster for each core vaccine.

Non-core vaccines are also necessary, but they’re administered depending on the dog’s exposure risk. They include vaccines against Borrelia Burgdorfer, Bordetella, cortisone shots to help ease pain caused by arthritis in pets, and more.

Core Vaccinations for Cats

Kittens and older cats need preventive shots too. Core vaccines are administered when a kitten turns six weeks and repeated every three to four weeks until they’re 16 weeks old. They include the feline herpes virus, feline distemper, and calicivirus vaccines. Adults that did not receive vaccinations as kittens can get vaccinated in two doses which are three or four weeks apart. Cats also need an additional booster every three years.

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