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Importance of Pet Vaccines

Pets require vaccinations against bacterial and viral diseases. Vaccinations remain the most critical method for protecting against infectious diseases in your animal. Pet vaccines are designed to create a defensive level of antibodies to improve immunity for infectious diseases. If you just brought home a new pet in Richardson, visit us at Integrative Veterinary Wellness for a veterinary exam so that our team can set him or her up with a proper immunization schedule. Here are some of the various reasons why it's important to vaccinate your pet.

To Prevent Diseases

The primary reason behind vaccinating your pet is to shield them against parasites and various diseases. Vaccines are designed to strengthen the pet's immune systems, enabling him or her to resist any disease they are possibly exposed to.

Reduce Disease Transmission

Some pet diseases can be highly contagious and will spread quickly from one animal to another. Vaccinating your animal helps to contain the spread of such infectious diseases.

To Manage Costs

Vaccinating your pet goes a long way to saving you the huge costs you'd otherwise incur for treatments if he or she contracts a disease. For instance, a dangerous disease like Parvo Virus can cost you a significant amount when treating. The disease requires 3 to 4 days of intensive treatment that can put a significant dent in your pocket.

To Stop Spreading Disease to Human

Some animal diseases like rabies and leptospirosis can spread to human beings. They are dangerous to humans and can make you or your family members seriously ill. Luckily, you can vaccinate your new companion and protect you and your family.

Law Requirements for Pet Vaccinations

In Texas, all pet owners are required to vaccinate their dogs or cats against rabies. Otherwise, you will be held responsible if your pet spreads diseases to humans or animals.

Contact Us for Holistic Vet Care in Richardson

Pet vaccinations ensure you have a healthy and happy companion while protecting you and your family from dangerous diseases. Our team is committed to providing animals the health care they need. If you need to vaccinate your pet, book an appointment with our team at Integrative Veterinary Wellness today!

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