Signs of Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis is a painful condition that causes inflammation in one or more joints. Arthritis can affect cats, dogs, and even horses. Just like in people, it is often caused by wear and tear and genetics. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight can help to keep the stress placed on the joints at a minimum. However, having a pet that is not overweight is no guarantee it will not develop pet arthritis. At Integrative Veterinary Wellness in Richardson, TX, our holistic veterinarians treat the whole animal not just the symptoms of the disease.

Warning Signs to Look For in Your Pet

Depending on what type of pet that you have, you will notice different signs of arthritis. Generally speaking, you may notice that your pet seems to have less energy. It may not want to do some of the things he or she previously enjoyed.


Your dog may have trouble getting up and down the stairs. Your pet’s joints may be tender to the touch. You may notice a limp when no injury has occurred. A warning sign could be as simple as spending more time sleeping.


Cats are great jumpers and if you notice your cat either not jumping at all or not being able to jump as high, this may be a sign of pet arthritis. Cats may hide and sleep more often when their joints hurt, and they may groom less than normal. Difficulty getting in and out of the litter box is also a reason for concern.


Arthritis in horses usually manifests itself as stiffness and a limp. It can cut short a horse's career, but with treatment, a horse should be able to lead a normal life.

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